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The Texas Dual Class LLC is taxed as a limited partnership for Federal Income Tax purposes. The Texas Dual Class LLC is created to allow for general member (active managing-members), and monetary contributing members (passive members). This type of Dual Class LLCs allows the limited partners not pay Self Employment tax. In the end, the IRS will determine who is and who is not allowed to be a passive member for tax purposes, our firm will put the passive members in the best position to receive the passive tax break. The fee for the Texas dual Class LLC is $599.00 for up to 5 members; each additional member will cost $25.00 apiece.

Our firm will provide the Single Member Operating Agreement in our Company Package.

Specifically, a Texas Dual Class LLC should always include Articles, Operating Agreement, Minutes, Membership Certificates, Ledger and a Corporate Seal, anything less is NOT a complete package and will leave your owners and managers PERSONALLY LIABLE for law suits against the company due to lack of formalities. You will feel confident when organizing your Texas LLC though our firm because our basic Texas LLC package includes all the aforementioned formalities so the owners will be protected by the company in case of a law suit against it.  

Generally, a Dual Class LLC is a business entity, defined in state law, in which each owner (or ''member'') enjoys limited liability for the business' debts and other legal obligations, as do shareholders in a corporation. For federal income tax purposes, however, the LLC is not a taxpaying entity. Rather, the LLC is treated as a conduit, through which tax attributes, including the profit earned or the loss incurred in the LLC's business operations, flow through to the members. Thus, the Dual Class LLC is a hybrid, it is like a corporation, for state law limited liability purposes, but like a partnership for federal income tax purposes (or, in the case of single member LLCs, disregarded for federal income tax purposes).  Beyond this admittedly broad and general description, there are LLC characteristics which vary from state to state.  With regards to Nonresidents of the United States, it is not wise to believe the LLC is generally the best solution for your business needs, as there may be self employment taxes and estate taxes involved that could be far higher than any corporate income tax you can imagine.  Every situation is different and guidance from a competent attorney is key in making such important decisions.  Call today to incorporate your business and you will receive the necessary guidance for making the proper decisions for your business start up.

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