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$74.00 Texas Nonprofit Corporation

Texas Non Profits are becoming more popular every day. Many different crowds-homeless shelters, special interest groups, religious organizations, education and health promoters, conservationists and poets, writers, dancers, musicians and artist-wish to organize their endeavors as nonprofit corporations.  All such people demonstrate a colossal devotion to doing what they believe to be worthy and right in the face of monetary and social struggles.  Thus, it is understandable that a modest amount of time, money or physical energy is left for concentrating on legal and tax formalities.  That is where our Law firm offers its mental strength to deal with these technicalities so you obtain the important legal and tax benefits available to Texas nonprofit corporations for a reasonable price.  Please take your time to read the free information printed below to educate yourself with regards to nonprofit organizations.  After reading the information please feel free to contact us to set up your Texas Nonprofit Corporation and give you the further guidance you need for your business enterprise.


State Charter with special 501(c)(3) provisions as required by the Federal government, and Texas solicitation of Donations Documentation (CASH FLOW TIP)

If it is essential that your Texas Non Profit Corporation be capable of soliciting Donations and Government Grants then you must first register a State Charter with special Federal 501(c)(3)  provisions, and register your Texas Solicitation of Donation Documentation with the proper county. We will register your State Charter and 501(c)(3) provisions when we incorporate your non-profit business for an additional $90.00 dollars and prepare your County Solicitation Documentation to be signed for $245.00 dollars (plus filing fees).

Federal 501(c)(3) (TAX TIP)

If it is important that those who donate money to your Texas Non Profit Corporation be able to write off their donations as tax deductible gifts, then you will need to register to become a 501(c)(3) with the Federal Government. We will help you submit your Federal 501(c)(3) for $999.00 Dollars. (This does not include the Federal filling FEE)

Property Tax Exemption

You nonprofit may exempt all real and personal property taxes if they are used exclusively for charitable purposes. We can help you obtain this valuable tax break for $495.00 plus any filing fees.

Special Postal Permit

Qualified Nonprofit corporations may obtain a permit for mailing newsletters or other similar information at reduced third-class rate. Our fee to help you obtain this valuable mail rate is $599.00.

Texas Non-Profit Dissolution

Dissolution of a Non-Profit corporation is $399.00

Independent Contract Agreement - (ASSET PROTECTION TIP) Special $55.00 with the purchase of a Non-Profit.

If you would like to 1099 a worker as an independent contractor without the worry of the IRS coming after you because of the workers failure to do their own tax withholdings, having an executed Independent Contractors Agreement is a must. Additionally, if vicarious liability (being sued because of a worker's negligent actions) is of a concern, again an executed Independent Contractors Agreement is needed. The cost for us to draft an independent contractor’s agreement is only $120.00 dollars at the time of incorporating.

Volunteer Assignment Agreement (ASSET PROTECTION TIP)

Volunteer Assignment Agreement for $195.00. Your nonprofit may need to seek an outside volunteer to put together a website or other intellectual property for your business needs. In order to protect this information as being owned by your nonprofit and not volunteer, you need this person to sign such an agreement that allows the work product to be fully owned by your nonprofit.

Unemployment Tax Account Number and new Hire Report

If you are going to be paying a wage state law requires you to have an unemployment tax ID to do your state withholdings and new hire report to report your new hires so to avoid penalties from the Department of revenue. The preparation fee for the Unemployment number paper work is $85.00 and there is a $30.00 fee to prepare 10 new hire reports.

Federal Tax ID Number

The Federal Tax ID Number is required to open a business account so that you can properly deposit the donated money received and to put your license into the corporate name. The tax Id is only $35.00 dollars at the time of incorporation and we will acquire the actual number for your convenience.

Sales Tax ID Number (For Resale)

If you are going to purchase products for resale you will need a Sales Tax ID Number. We can help acquire the actual tax ID for $85.00 dollars.

Sales Tax ID Number (For Tax FREE Purchasing)

If you are going to purchase products that are not for resale but rather for company use then you need a Special Sales Tax ID Number for tax free purchasing. We can complete the paperwork for your Special Sales Tax ID Number for $100.00 dollars.

Employment Agreement (ASSET PROTECTION TIP)

There are of course the important elements for new hired employees such as protecting your trade secrets and other intellectual property from being stolen without recourse as well a non-competition clause to seal off any attempt damage your business with your own ideas. Additionally, the beginning and ending dates of the employment period, the amount of the salary and time period it will cover, a description of duties and title for employees, agreed paid vacation days and severance pay are all inclusive. We will provide a specific agreement that entails all the above elements and more. This agreement is only $99.00 dollars at the time of incorporation.

Indemnification Agreement (ASSET PROTECTION TIP)

It is very important to make sure that the Directors and Officers that you took the time to assemble be protected in case of a law suit by a third party or someone from your Company in the future when a Director or Officer steps down from the Company. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to have us register an indemnification in your articles of incorporation and draft a contract between the corporation and the directors/officers for an important layer of protection. The fee for this work is only $65.00 dollars at the time of incorporating.

Registered Agent Service/Attorney Counsel

The state of Texas requires a registered agent to be registered in your articles of incorporation so that a sheriff may serve legal papers in conjunction with a prospective law suit. We can help with your registered agent services for $150.00 for 12 months and for an additional $88.00 we can act as your general counsel for 12 months so that you may call or email with your legal business questions; we will also complete your annual minutes.

Speed of service

We normally complete you your documents in about 7-9 days. If you need your corporation completed quicker we have same day incorporation for an additional $145.00 dollars and if you need to be incorporated next day it will cost an additional $100.00 dollars and $55.00 for 3 days.
There are some very important extra services that you should consider to allow for tax break and asset protection

DBA (fictitious name)

If you would like to have a secondary name to advertise your corporation under it is required to have what is called a DBA or fictitious name registered correctly under the corporation. We will have this registered with the required resolutions for only $125.00 dollars and it will be completed in 7-9 days. We will expedite the process to same day service for an additional $145.00,
2 day service for $100.00 or 4 days for $55.00


We can have your name Trademarked for $795.00 dollars, $499.00 extra for a logo and additionally we will perform the crucial due diligence (Trademark name searches) for $499.00 dollars and continue to monitor and keep up the formalities for $950.00 a year. The Search normally takes about two weeks, however the process can be expedited to Same Day completion for an additional $225.00, 2 day service for $150.00 additional and 4 day service for $75.00 dollars additional. With regards to the Trademark registration, normally 10 full months are necessary for the Federal Government to determine if the name will be awarded a Trademark.


A copyright gives the owner of a creative work the right to keep others from using the work without the owner's permission. Copyright protection may be applied for with regards to all original expressions, including art, sculpture, music, songs, choreography, crafts, poetry, flow charts, software, photography, movies, CD-ROMS, video games, videos, web sited and graphic designs. Copyright lasts for many years. Most often it lasts for the life of the work's creator (its author) plus 70 years. In cases where the creator is a business, the copyright lasts between 95 and 120 years. We will register your Copyright for $399.00. We can also get your immediate confirmation evidence for an additional $750.00


Do you use your vehicle for business purposes?  If so a vehicle lease agreement is a tremendous tax break that you must not pass up. We will draft a vehicle lease for only $99.00 dollars at the time of incorporating.

Business Equipment Lease (TAX TIP)

Do you have office equipment, construction equipment or other expensive equipment that you would like to protect from a law suit and yet still receive a valuable tax write-off?  If so have us draft an Equipment Lease for only $145.00 dollars at the time of incorporating


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